Call Mortgage Plus Bond Originators before buying a home



You’ve decided it’s time to find your dream home. A big decision and a large financial commitment, so you want to do it right, getting the best advice and the best finance you’re likely to get. That’s why you should call Mortgage Plus Bond Originators before you’ve even begun – and we’ll do the rest.

1. We’ll get you pre-approval

Before you begin house hunting we can get you pre-qualified, so you’ll know what you can afford and where to look. With our pre-qualification, you’ll not only have confidence in making an offer on your dream home, but the seller will also have confidence in accepting your offer.

2. We are the home loan experts

Our home loan specialists are at your service from your first call to us until the moment you step into your dream home. We can even help you further, protecting your dream come true with Home Owner’s Cover or Buildings insurance. Having walked over 1Million of our satisfied customers through this process before, we know what we need to do to save both your time and your money. Simply search Hello Peter to see how many great reviews we’ve received already.

3. We do all the work and increase your chances of approval

Once you’ve found your dream home, we’ll help you through the entire process, taking the bulk of the administrative burden off your shoulders. You only need to apply once and we take it from there, applying to all major South African banks, and more, on your behalf – including your own. This improves your chances of approval and minimizes your paperwork. It’s how we’ve ensured that 3 out of 4 Mortgage Plus Bond Originators customers secure their finance successfully.

4. We get you the best deal

Multiple applications will often mean multiple approvals, and banks – much like people – are all quite different. While one may require a larger deposit, another may offer a higher interest rate. With our expert guidance you’ll be able to compare your offers side-by-side conveniently, so you can get the very best deal you’re likely to get. And, once your deal is made, we can provide you with mortgage protection, securing your repayments against the unknown future.

5. Our service won’t cost you a cent

You contact us once and we do everything we can to get you into your dream home, enjoying your better life – at absolutely no cost to you, not even hidden in your home loan fees.

6. We uplift those in need

Our commitment to making a difference in South Africa through making dreams come true doesn’t start and stop with our customers. As a business, we’re so passionate about upliftment that it informs the way we do business. With every transaction we set aside a portion for the greater good. So in a way, your successful approval doesn’t just make a big difference in your life but it will have a huge impact on the lives of others as well.

So, with all that in mind, there really is no good reason to apply for your home loan alone. With us, “on your own” is something you will never be. Contact Mortgage Plus Bond Originators today, and we’ll do the rest.

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